Information for patients and concerned others

New patients

Doctor´s referral

Most commonly patients are referred to our clinic by their general practitioner at their Health Center (Vårdcentral). These are cases where the general practitioner decides that the patient is in need of specialized care or assessment. 

Self referral

The clinic may also admit patients by self referrals. The number to call is 08-128 89 400. We are available for self referrals every day, including weekends, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (08.00 – 22.00) though preferably week days between 08.00–16.30.

If you have difficulties speaking or understanding Swedish, please feel free to have somebody else, for instance a relative or other person close to you or a professional, for instance a social worker, to make the call on your behalf.

At visits to the clinic a professional interpreter will be used if needed. 

For patients already in treatment at our clinic

If you need a new appointment, please contact the person who handles your care, directly or via reception phone numbers.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please be sure to give notice no later than four hours in advance. Cancellations, or other messages, can be given on reception phones round the clock. Please state your errand, name, personal ID-number (personnummer), with whom your appointment was scheduled as well as date and time for the appointment in question.

Spånga Clinic reception phone 08-128 89 200
Kista Clinic reception phone 08-128 89 250
Rinkeby Clinic reception phone 08-128 89 450

Emergency situations

In need of urgent help daytime, try to get in touch with the person in charge of your treatment by direct phone number or via reception secretary. If the person you want is not available, you can call emergency number 08-123 38 400 for advice and help.  

In need of immediate care evenings between 16.30-22.00 or weekends 08.00-22.00, please call emergency number 08-128 89 400.

In immediate need of care after 10 p.m. (22.00) please call the emergency clinic at S:t Görans hospital 08-123 49 200. 


Our fees are the same as for patients in the General Health Care (Stockholms Läns Landsting). General rules for high-cost protection (högkostnadskort) and cost exemption card (frikort) are applied. Fees are paid cash or by credit/bank card.

Please take note, that in case of failure to keep appointments without notice or if cancellation notices are given less than four hours in advance, the visit fee including administrative cost will be charged.

Uppdaterad 25 april, 2016